Contact us at to place your order!

Due to catering structure the staff at the restaurant is unable to answer questions related to catering. We want to ensure we’re able to staff your event appropriately, answer all questions with accuracy and do not want any orders missed. All catering orders must be handled via email at or calls with questions can be made to the catering line at 518-350-7222. We will do our best to answer all emails/calls with urgency!

Signal 30 is available to cater your events of any size. 

A variety of options include full service on-site, delivery drop-offs, or pickups. 

Order our party packages by picking your options and telling us the number of people to let us do the math for you (minimum 12 people) Or order a la carte and pick your options by the full or half pans! A full pan generally feeds 25-30 people and a half pan generally feeds 10-12 people. The number of people can vary based on your guests and number of food options. 

we ask when possible to give a weeks notice for all catering orders and 2 weeks notice for full service catering requests. 

please note: all prices are subject to change due to food cost and availability. 

**prices below are subject to delivery and service fees when applicable** 

Contact us at or our catering line at 518-350-7222 with any questions! 

party packages

a la carte options